Photographers Feather Meredith and Jeannie Scanlon are passionate about capturing animals and their owners and creating beautiful portraits that you will treasure forever. 
Based in Shelton Washington, Feather Photography will travel to your home, the location of your choice or your can come see us in our studio. We do not put a time limit on our sessions because we know (especially with animals) sometimes it takes more than an hour to capture just that perfect moment. 
Both Jeannie and Feather have grown up loving animals and we are both actively volunteering for animal charities in our community.  
"Having been through a few hurried and frazzled photoshoots in the past, I was so pleasantly surprised by the comfort my dog, my daughter, and I all felt in our photo session with Feather and Jeanne. My 7 year old voiced both of our feelings so well when she said, "I really liked those ladies; they were really calm and relaxed. It made me feel better to get my picture taken." 
Feather and Jeanne are top notch, artistic photographers who show the highest degree of professionalism, while still maintaining a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend Feather Photography and am looking forward to more easygoing sessions in the future with these well-qualified ladies." 

Jenny Sartori
We also love photographing local professionals who need updated personal branding and profile photos. 
Please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation or click here for more information.
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