When your pet is more to you than "just a dog" or "just a cat"
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When they jump all over you and it fills you with joy
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When they steal your socks or your side of the bed and it makes you laugh
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Rescued Bengal Cat
They are your friend
Your Family
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Photographers Jeannie and Feather feel this way about our own pets.
That is why we are so passionate about creating works of art that capture the
beauty and personality of your pet. 
Classic Tabby Kitten
If you are hesitant about having a photo shoot because maybe your pet is a little bit naughty.  Or a lot naughty... 
We have both volunteered in a variety of animal shelters and worked with animals in private homes. We have years of experience working with hyper, shy, distracted, aloof, and generally goofy animals. 
We take our time to bring out the best in your best friend.
We can create timeless, classic portraits of your pet 
Belgian Malinois
Or we can create a completely custom and creative work of art
Call us or come by the studio to schedule your complimentary consultation.
360-870-7417 or 360-280-1884
328 W. Railroad Ave
Shelton WA, 98584
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